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Interview with Fyodor Fomin

In recent years, popularity of the DJ Fyodor Fomin has been rapidly gaining momentum. It is no wonder that Fyodor has become a cult figure for the imaginative and trendy rising generation. He breathed new life into many artists by masterfully reincarnating their forgotten hit songs that formerly enjoyed wide renown. Remixes of songs by such artists as Blondie, The Cure, Yuri Antonov, and Natasha Koroleva can be encountered in Fomin’s playlist. On the other hand, the DJ does not shy away from the latest dance hits.

One of the places where Fyodor may be seen at the mixer most often is a trendy bar or restaurant owned by the designer and couturier Denis Simachev – “denissimachev bar”, located on Stoleshnikov Lane.

That was where Fomin agreed to meet with us. In this causal and relaxed environment, while enjoying a cup of coffee, the DJ answered our questions.

– Please tell about your first steps in music, what made you pursue music.

– I started as far back as in school. For some reason, I was tantalized by the school radio studio. Perhaps, even at that time I wanted to share what I heard and owned with others. At home, we had always listened to a lot of different music. My dad was a very musical man. And then there was a school disco, first tickets cost one ruble. First successes and the beginnings of popularity.

– In what cities and venues have you performed, what are your most memorable impressions? Based on your experience, how can you describe your audiences in different cities?

– In many Russian cities – from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Vladivostok – to Milan, Cyprus, and Canary Islands. Most memorable? Each of my performances “shines”.No performance is alike. After all, everywhere you go people have different temperament. But, really, I need to unite everyone in a blast for about two hours and the language of songs is no longer important. Everyone is dancing and singing.

– What equipment do you use? What new gadgets?

– In my rider, Pioneer, CD-players and an audio mixer are listed. I mostly play on CD. I keep track of new gadgets, but I play the good old way.

Parenthetically, a year ago playing “the good old way” brought Fomin the ownership of a Night Life Awards-2009 figurine in the “Best DJ of the Year” nomination.

– What type of music do you prefer?

– I play diverse music – from lounge to techno. All depends on a place I am invited to. If this is a club, crowded with thousands, then, of course, it is house music and techno. But actually I prefer events that are merry devil-may-care parties. If it is a Russian night out, then you should expect some surprise songs from me, songs you previously wouldn’t have danced to. If it is a restaurant with respectable clients, then it will be stately beautiful music. A single playlist does not exist.

– What is the outlook for the future, the future of DJs? Of the industry?

– DJ-ship will be there. Equipment, sound media will change, but a human being who can create a festivity out of all of this will remain. I personally would like to see what all of this will turn into.


– Please tell about your projects, movie producing.

– My first project was a contemporary romantic comedy “Love in a Big City”. I managed to become a part of a unique team, where everyone was very passionate about the project. I was invited by Marius Waisberg, the director. As it turned out, he was a fan of my creative work and he wanted to work with me. And we made it work. I tried to do what I am doing for my listeners at parties. So that one would want to sing. I am satisfied with the results. And the audience has been satisfied with the results. I created a singular soundtrack with recordings of such stars as Mumiy Troll, Zemfira, Aguzarova, and that of new musicians, like Rotof, the Ukrainian TIK, and others. In the end, it turned out to be fun.

And then other movies came along. In any event, I am not ashamed of any of my work.

– Where do you see a source of inspiration, what stirs up your creative evolution?

– Inspiration? In everything. First of all, in people. In new places. In countries and cities where I land.

– What is the role that fits you best: DJ, businessman, or producer?

– Hmm... perhaps not a role, but a state... Now it is a father. I have a wonderful son growing up. And I am completely focused on him and my family. The rest is secondary.

Fyodor’s wife –Anastasia von Kalmanovich, one of the most charismatic Moscow businesswomen- gave birth to the couple’s longed-for son on February 11, 2010. The boy was named Tikhon. The blue-eyed tot with curly locks is the pride and joy of his happy parents.

– What are your artistic plans?

– To do something that would give me goose bumps (smiles). I do not know. After all, it is creativity.

– Have you ever been to Tokyo? Are you interested in the Japanese market? Do you plan on visiting us?

– I have never been to Japan. Although I had lived for the most part of my life at the shore of the same sea, I come from Vladivostok. And, to the present day, my daily life is dominated by Japanese products. Japan won’t let me go (laughs). I am somewhat of a hostage… Of course, it is a dream to find myself in Japan and to play there. Then, I know that many of my classmates are there, the ones who graduated from Far Eastern State University. So if I wouldn’t make it to visit you, I already have an opportunity to send them my best regards!

It is amazing, but, upon seeing Fyodor for the very first time, one immediately experiences a sensation of long-standing familiarity. Fyodor’s ability to win people over deepens the admiration one feels for him and makes one wish him success in all his undertakings and projects.

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