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Autumn Announce

The fall and the autumn mood have fallen on everyone bar none, and concert life in Tokyo seethes with renewed vigor.

Now, an announcement of forthcoming events for October-November and the last days of the year.

October will be notable for The National Kiev Opera Theater tour throughout Japan. The tour will last until mid-December. Vladimir Mishchuk, a famous pianist from Saint Petersburg, will perform a classical program with the Kiev Opera during the last ten days of November.

His lyricism and his touch cannot leave unmoved even the most demanding public.

Also, Sarah Brightman, a famous British pop soprano, will perform in Tokyo, accompanied by an orchestra. Her performances will take place on October 18-22 at the prestigious concert hall of the International Forum in Ginza.

On October 26, Marty Freedman, a former member of a rock band Megadeth, who now lives in Tokyo, will give a concert in Quatro, a club in Shibuya.

At the end of November, Jon Bon Jovi, a talented rock musician whose career took off in Japan, will visit Tokyo and give concerts.

Chick Corea, a professional of the highest class, will delight the audience at Blue Note jazz club during December evenings right before Christmas.

As always, I recommend that you purchase concert tickets in advance, because these music events are around the corner, which means that servings of beauty will invigorate you and they will enrich your leisure time.

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