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The Tokyo Electronic Music Festival

2010.07.17 (Sat) 12:00 - (Sun) 05:00
Harumi Seaside Terminal
5-7-1 Harumi Chuo-ku Tokyo

Detroit - Miami - Barcelona - Berlin. Now, the Tokyo Electronic Music Festival presents the worlds biggest metropolis with a major inner city fusion of DJs & Live Acts.

July 17th for Audio | Tokyo Electronic Music Festival. Top international artists including Octave One (Live), Daniel Bell, Doc Martin & Sub Level (Live), Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, Xavier Morel, Reset Robot (Live), Anti Pop & more will converge on the waterfront Harumi Seaside Terminal.

With three indoor arenas - The iFlyer Aquarium, The Loft, WOMB Annex - & an outdoor stage overlooking Tokyo Harbor be prepared to experience the best in underground live acts, renowned international artists & Japan's finest talent all powered with the world's best Function One Sound System and state of the art stage design.

Venue Details

Harumi Seaside Terminal 5-7-1 Aomi Chuo-ku Tokyo
Phone: 03-3536-8651 Fax 03-3536-8653
Office Hours: 09:00-17:15

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