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Kiev Summer Academy

Everyone, without exception, wonders how to spend the summertime, time off, vacations – where, with whom, what surroundings to choose - right? Why not consider humanistic vacations? Lately, as a coupling of humanistic vacations with “green” vacations, a nature-and-fresh-air-filled getaway, is more and more popular, the Summer Music Academy is an option to be considered. World-renown professors from the most prestigious conservatories and academies, and talented and experienced musicians are invited to the Academy. They are finely attuned to their students, if one studies under them or participates in a concert, one may experience a burst of creativity, an upheaval of inspiration, which would thrust him or her toward self-development and refinement of one’s performing art!

A large number of cultural events, organized by the celebrated R. Glier Kiev Music Institute, the International Summer Music Academy among others, will take place June 28 – July 12 in Kiev, the greenest and loveliest Ukrainian city and its capital. You will be offered master-classes taught by professors such as Yakov Kasman (USA), Vadim Rudenko (Russia), Yuri Kot (Ukraine), Nikolai Suk (USA, Ukraine), Mark Lakirovich (USA), Evgeni Rrzanov (Germany, Ukraine), and  Mikhail Kugel (Belgium).

During this time, free open-air concerts will be held in delightful Mariinskiy park, and you would be able to enjoy fully the beauty and charm of graceful Kiev!

In addition, we offer exciting tours of historic sites both in Kiev and throughout Ukraine and Russia, hotel  accommodations of your choice, country lodging in comfortable and new cottages Ukrainian “huts” (“hatas”), and vacations at top rest and recreation centers at the Black Sea coast of Crimea. Moreover, we offer group and individual tours and services of Japanese interpreters.

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