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Japan Music Week

Tokyo's first city-wide annual international music conference, Japan Music Week, will be based around Japan's centre of creative pop culture, Shibuya.

From here you will be able to explore Japan Music Week, from Shibuya to Koenji, and from Shinjuku to Shimokitazawa, we hope you will become part of Japan's first week long Music Festival, with plenty of performances, underground artists and networking opportunities for all music lovers and industry people.

We hope to encourage a culture of cross communication and to give you an insight of the best Japan has to offer.

All types of music-related organizations, events, artists and venues can join Japan Music week without registration fee. We hope to offer you the best of Japanese Music Culture, Experience the music scene in Japan and get connected to the creative music and media industry in Japan and from participants overseas.

Japan Music Week

Festival & Conference Details
Over 100 events at 50 venues in Tokyo, focused on Shibuya in the heart of TOKYO!


9 - 15 November 2009 (Mon - Sun)


Daily and weekly wristbands for daytime industry and evening showcase events, priority access per event, entrance discounts.


Wristbands: ¥1000-¥3000 yen. Other: 20-50% discounts available. + Free events


Over 10,000, including 3000 industry people.


300 artists from over 20 countries and 20 Japanese cities.

JAPAN MUSIC WEEK will be hosting a variety of events during the week of 9 - 15th November 2009.
1. Japan regional showcases
2. International showcases
3. Music genre festival nights
4. Regular live and club events
5. Music industry seminars, workshops, networking parties, and biz events

1. Japan Regional Showcases
Japan's top music cities will host events in Shibuya featuring of their top up-and-coming DJs and artists. These events will include: • Sapporo • Sendai • Nagano • Fukushima • Saitama, • Chiba • Ibaragi • Gunma • Yokohama • Nagoya • Kyoto • Osaka • Kobe • Okayama • Hiroshima • Shikoku • Fukuoka • Nagasaki • Kumamoto • Kagoshima • Naha

2. International Showcases
All major music exporting countries will host their own music/ lifestyle showcase event, including arts, and national food, drink, fashion, airline sponsors. International artists can also join genre festivals and other events. JMW hopes to include events from: • US • UK • Canada • Australia • New Zealand • Ireland • France • Sweden • Holland • Finland • Denmark • Germany • Turkey • Jamaica • Brazil • South Africa • Russia • Korea • China • Philippines • ASEAN • EU • Middle East • India

3. Music Genre Festival Nights
JMW will include indoor festivals featuring the best up-and-coming Tokyo, regional and international artists covering a variety music genres, including: • indie •dance • experimental • dub • electro • folk • hip-hop • hard rock • house • j-pop • jazz • latin • punk • post-rock, • reggae • rock • singer-songwriter • ska • techno • trance • visual-kei • enka • World and more

4. Regular Live and Club Events
Shibuya and other Tokyo area clubs, halls and 'live houses' are host to thousands of music events each week for audiences ranging from 50 to 2000 in all music genres. The best and most interesting of these events during 9 - 15 November will be invited to join Japan Music Week. Like the other events, they could offer free access, 50% access and 20% access, with priority entry for audience members who bought tickets specifically for that event.

5. Music Industry Events
Japan Music Week will feature various types of events for music industry people and musicians, including seminars, and workshops during the daytime as well as night-time networking parties. Other JMW creative Biz events include Music, Photography, Music Design, Music Web, Music Video and other themed exhibitions and seminar events. JMW will mix regions, countries and industry types in order to create new synergies and interesting events for all JMW attendees.

For more details please contact: info@japanmusicweek.com

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