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Concerts of Universe of Sound Music Festival in Tokyo

General sponsor of Ahmed Fathi

General sponsor
of Ahmed Fathi

Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory
International Martial Arts Federation “STENKA”


The program includes:

An ethnographic reconstruction of songs, rites and ceremonies from different Russian regions by Moscow Conservatory’s Folklore Ensemble directed by Professor Nataliya Gilyarova

Russian martial arts enacted by a group of instructors from the International Martial Arts Federation «STENKA» directed by Valery Maystrovoy, the President of the Federation.



The Moscow Conservatory’s Folklore Ensemblewas created in 1978 by Professor Natalia Gilarova, its steadfast director. The ensemblespecializes in studying and performing authentic ancient Russian songs, which werecollected during field trips by many generations of the conservatory’s facultyand students. These songs are learned by ear by repeatedly listening to the originalpieces and reproducing them in the same manner they were performed in the past bybearers of traditions in various regions of Russia.


Valery Maystrovoy - the President , a Professor at Moscow Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, Vice-President of the World Combat Sambo Federation;

Sergei Shatunov - the Vice-President of the International Martial Arts Federation «STENKA», the winner of the 2011 open martial arts championship in China (Futian);

Dmitri Kovalev - the winner of the 2006 World Cup (London), the 2008 championship of Europe (Zurich), and a prize-winner of multiple martial arts competitions;

Roman Belov - a two-time champion of the “Battle of Champions” (Russian National team against the world team) (in 2006 and 2007), a winner of a series of prizes in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)competitions in Brazil;

Roman Gruzinov - an officer, a Russian Special Forces veteran who participated in numerous antiterrorist operations and served in the United Nations peacekeeping missions;

Alexey Yudin - a winner of a number of Russian and international competitions in sambo, jiu-jitsu, full-contact karate, and pencak silat.

The program:

  1. Traditional Russian fistfight (so called “Stenoshny fight” or “a fight wall to wall”);
  2. Two-fighter fistfights “Sam na sam”;
  3. Russian fight “V skhvatku” (a wrestling-type fight);
  4. Cossack’s fights:
    а. With cavalry swords;
    б. With lashes;
    в. With lances;
  5. Demonstration of the capabilities of the human body “Spas”.

Ahmed Fathi (Oud* Player, Singer, Composer)
* an Arabic stringed musical instrument resembling a lute or mandolin

Ahmed Fathi, nicknamed “The King of Oud”, was born in Hodieda, a Yemeni city on the coast of the Red Sea.

He started playing the oud when he was eight and soon became known as a brilliant artist, influenced by traditional Yemeni and Arabic music. Following in the footsteps of famous Yemeni and Arab artists, in the late 1970`s he joined the musical institute of Cairo and subsequently earned a diploma in harmonic music with the focus on lute (oud) instruments. Ahmed Fathi has enriched the art movement in Yemen with his eminent creativity and brilliant performances. In 1998, Fathi defended his thesis on the “lute” and its role in Yemeni songs, and was awarded a Master of Arts degree with honors by the Cairo Higher Musical Institute. The Ministry of Culture decorated Ahmed Fathi with “Arts Medal” for his dedicated promotion of traditional Yemeni music throughout the world.

In 2008, the Arabic Creative Association honored Ahmed Fathi as a composer and singer for his contribution to Arabic Music. He was awarded many prizes by United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Lebanon, France, and the United Kingdom, and recognized as the Ambassador of Yemeni Music. For two decades, Yemeni and Arab fans of Ahmed Fathi have been enjoying brilliant performances of modern and classic songs, which he composed. At a present time Ahmed Fathi is well known in Japan and has a lot of concerts.

On April 27, 2012 Ahmed Fathi will perfom at Yamaha Ginza Hall.

25.04.2012 (Wednesday), open doors 18:30
at Ichikawa Cultural Center
tickets: 2,500 yen (adults), 1,000 yen (students)

27.04.2012 (Friday), open doors 18:30
at Yamaha Hall, Ginza, Tokyo
tickets: 5,000 yen (adults), 1,500 yen (students)

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