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Hosein Noursharg and Caravan group in Tokyo

A month after the devastating earthquake in Japan, the Iranian classical music group “Caravan”, led by the talented singer Hosein Nursharagh, toured the country. The tour was sponsored by The Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory’s project “The Descendants of Arctida”. This project has been overseen by professor Margarita Karatygina, who is a scientific and conceptual inspiration, mastermind and curator of many renowned and diverse cultural festivals.

The group “Caravan” was created in January 2011 specifically to implement “The Descendants of Arctida” project.

At the end of April, the musicians performed a series of concerts at Tenri University (the city of Nara) and at well-known Tokyo’s venues - Funabori Tower Hall and Tiara Coto Hall. They dazzled the public with their artistry and the beauty of Iranian classical music, rarely played in the capital’s concert halls.

The concert tour was arranged by YUNA-JAPAN, a company whose president is Natalia Yurkanova, a young pianist and a prizewinner of international competitions.

The hearts of Slavic listeners, who attended concerts in Tokyo, were conquered by the singular program of “Caravan”’s performance, and the extraordinary personality and soulful singing of Hosein Nursharaugh. The program was composed of two parts: “Foreign Land” and “My Motherland”. A moment of silence was held to honor the memory of the victims of the tsunami and earthquake in March. Emotional catharsis, experienced by the listeners, prompted standing ovations; the concert halls were filled with triumphant success. The Japanese public was profoundly grateful to the artists for not cancelling the tour due to the negative opinions about the situation in Japan that were expressed by the media. Once they came to Japan, the musicians gained assurance that their safety was not impacted. A Japanese tour with yet another entrancing program is planned for the future.

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